Rugby Club Ljubljana hosted partners from the

The last, fourth Mobility visit meeting was held in Ljubljana, as part of the "Rugby for children" project. The project”s partners were hosted by the Ljubljana Rugby Club on April 22 and 23. The meeting was attended by all representatives of partner clubs; Rugby club Dragon Brno, Rugby club Zagreb, Rugby club Dubrovnik and Superkid Zagreb.

On the first day of the meeting, the hosts took the guests through beautiful Ljubljana, where they could walk around the sights. Socializing continued with a joint dinner and exchange of ideas for improvement of the clubs.

The next day, the hosts Robert Puconja and Damjan Volavšek started the meeting by presenting the history of rugby in Slovenia. Rugby Club Ljubljana has a long tradition. It was founded in 1962 and in its history has achieved many good results in competitions in the region. The partners were introduced to the organization of the club, coaches and the structure of the competitors. The meeting continued with a tour of the main pitch and club facilities, which are truly fantastic. The club has; locker rooms, a gym, a meeting room and a club space for socializing. Through the Swot analysis that followed, the partners concluded that the club's strengths are great enthusiasm and engagement of former players and volunteers, built a network of cooperation and participation in competitions with clubs from neighboring countries, good club facilities and a long tradition nurtured by the club. In its plans for the future the club emphasized the development of rugby for children and the attraction of as many children in rugby as possible. The partners agreed those are the most important goals of all clubs.



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